Saturday, August 24, 2013

Joyciejewel is BACK!

I know I had gone quiet for a long long time… but after my friends threatened to remove me from their blog list (*ahem you know who you are), I’ve finally got down to blogging again.. Not that I don’t have things to write about.. I just, there’s just too much happening that I don’t know where to start!! And I am desperately in need of a holiday!!!!!! sigh, who isn’t.. it’s not helping that my parents are going for cruise trips ever so often….

Well, 2 exciting things happened:

1) No, not me, but 2 of my dear friends are preggers.. Wooohoooo!!! I’m secretly hoping that Kless would have a third, boy.. =p

2) I’m a student AGAIN!! I picked up Korean language.. and I am going for the SNSD concert in OCT!! 대한민국!!

Recently Jojo boy has also became a lot more smiley…


2013-08-23 08.17.552013-08-23 08.15.172013-08-23 08.16.17

A huge part of our time at home is spent chasing after him, screams, “No! Dirty! Don’t put in your mouth!” etc.. Kel & I joked that Dirty could be his first word..Thankfully, no. His first word is actually, “Nai” which means milk. I am really looking forward to the day Joash starts school and after visiting a few schools, we have decided on Kinderland which is walking distance from my mum’s place! It also has a small pool for water activities, which I’m sure Jojo will love it! =)


Isaiah Kuan said...

why don't you have a 2nd child first? =)

venusvon said...

Totally agree with Isaiah! :D