Monday, April 8, 2013

My Vietnam Trip (Part 3, Final)

And we arrived at the beautiful Dalat! The temperature is slightly higher than Hanoi as Dalat is situated more South. It feels like Genting, really.

The domestic airport (We took Vietnam Airlines)

  P1063731Down south, we had a change of tour guide, and a new vehicle! P1063732

We stayed at Ngoc Lan Hotel that is directly facing the lake! Very good location as most of the shops are around the area.

P1063755Hotel lobby! P1063736P1063737P1063741rooms are well maintained and it also had a non functioning fireplace! P1063743P1063744P1063746

View from bedroom


Then the tour guide brought us for dinner at a well known restaurant, 10mins away from the hotel.

P1063748P1063749P1063751P1063752P1063753Their signature dish; artichoke chicken soup! VERY VERY GOOD!


Then we walked around the night market and also had coffee at one of the many cafes situated near the lake.




After coffee, Jess & Keong went for a massage in the hotel (according to them, it was quite sleazy?!? HAHA!) Kel & I slept early because we have a full program the next day and we are starting EARLY!

View in the morning…


After breakfast, we happily boarded the vehicle to our first sight seeing venue; Crazy House!


It’s crazy because of its unconventional building design..

P1073781P1073782P1073785P1073786P1073787P1073790P1073791P1073793P1073795now a hotel, each guest room is built to around an animal theme.



Then we visited the Datanla Waterfalls…

P1073820P1073862Instead of walking to the waterfall site, we paid a little bit of money to take the exciting luge ride.. no walking, yay!

P1073822P1073830P1073860P1073831Some simple games along the way… P1073835P1073837The waterfalls… P1073838P1073839P1073840P1073844

Next up, my fav, the famous Dalat Flower Park.. It is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL..




My fav hydrangea in many colours, and full HD!


They are so well grown, that they look so juicy and edible!


We spent alot of time just walking around taking photos (ok, maybe, it’s just me..)


Thoroughly enjoyed the flower park..

The good thing about joining a tour is that you know all your meal times are planned and fitted into your schedule.. we never worry about feeling hungry.. cos, the next thing we know, we are brought to another ridiculously pretty restaurant for lunch..


Seriously, too much food..



And that concludes Dalat for us.. We are going to Nha Trang next =)

Throughout our 4hr drive there, the view down was simply breath taking.. You see random waterfalls..


And the guide stopped frequently for us to take photos and just enjoy the view..




And we arrived at Nha Trang… and checked into Novotel! Yippee!! Got to be the best hotel we stayed!

P1074036P1074037P1074039P1074054P1074042P1074046P1074047P1074049P1074051P1074052Our view from the balcony.. Astounding..


I can sit at the balcony all day..

Due to the bad weather, we are unable to head out to sea for our night water activity.. the company refunded us the money for that (very good service!)

We walked around the area and found a diver’s cafe for dinner.. finally some western food after non stop Vietnamese food..


Since it was rainy.. we decided to go for a massage!


The next morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we immediately head out to the beach, which is just a road away! Awesome location!


We were sorely disappointed as the weather doesn’t allow us to swim or do any beach activity, but I will definitely find time to go back to Nha Trang again, when it is SUNNY!

Bye Vietnam! See you soon!


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