Friday, December 21, 2012

Joash’s 1st Birthday Celebration–Milk Party

Celebrated Joash’s 1st birthday with a Milk Theme, since he loves drinking his milk! =)
Honestly, I spent a lot more time planning for Joash’s birthday as compared to any other personal events this year. I think, this milestone of Joash turning 1 yr old, is a very significant one for me. It’s like a pat on my own back, with an inner voice saying, “well done Joyce, U MADE IT!”.. So, as much as it was a party for Jo, it was a party celebrating motherhood, for ME! Yes, how convenient. =)
Anyway, I REALLY wanted a poolside party for Jo so that he can enjoy the waters and not be too intimidated by the many foreign faces during the celebrations. HOWEVER, as we are right smack in Singapore’s rainy season, I thought it would be wise to do it indoors. And since I can’t do a pool party, no point spending extra money renting an indoor venue.. THUS, the party was held at home.. it was also good to do it as home cos it will be a familiar environment for Jojo.. hence, reducing the possibility of a melt-down.
Did I mention I LOVE PARTIES?!?
  The star of the day!
As we were expecting a few lil ones, I’ve prepared some essentials – Yakult, marshmellows & nuggets! They were a hit!
Each kid also goes home with balloons! Specially twisted by Clara! PB253045
As it was a milk-themed party, I bought milk bottle toys and put milk sweets into them!
What’s a party without balloons?
One of the things that I’m the most proud of, is the wall of “Joash’s moments”.. Hung up photographs of Joash, from his birth till now, pasted on coloured pastel blue & green paper, clothe-pegged unto rope twine.
With my favourite people!
And we can never go wrong with Lavish Dine food.. I loved it!
Panorama 1PB253032
Now, the highlight: THE BIRTHDAY CAKE! I bought mini cupcakes instead. Easier to give out and no leftovers! =)
The little ones:
Happy birthday SON!
Yes, you are ONE!

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